Packaging and Shipping

Our Cresylic Acids and Cresylic Creosotes are packed in new steel 210 litre UN approved drums.

Our standard packaging for Disinfectants is the 210 litre HDPE UN approved drum.  Each drum is packed to 200 kgs. The gross weight is nominally 210 kgs and the tare approximately 10 kgs.

Our drums are strapped to wooden pallets (with the option of suitably treated wood for certain markets such as Australia) and, for shipping, stuffed 80 drums to a 20ft container.

Cresylic Acids, Cresylic Creosotes and Disinfectants are also available in 1000 litre IBCs.

We can supply goods FCA our factory in the UK or we can ship to CPT or CIP as required. We are always willing to ship mixed FCLs of any of our products in order to achieve economy of both price and shipping costs.