Cresylic Creosotes

TAMS UK produces a range of high quality Cresylic Creosotes for use in the formulation of general disinfectants. Typical formulations include black disinfectants, such as Creoline or Phenyl, for domestic use, disinfectant cleaners for animal use, such as sheep dips, and formulations for the disinfecting of poultry housing. TAMS Cresylic Creosote is blended from premium aromatic hydrocarbons and produces a stable, cream emulsion when formulated with a suitable vegetable oil soap. Our Cresylic Creosote is available in several grades with varying phenolic content to suit your application.

  • Cresylic Creosote 25/30 – contains minimum 25% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 30/35 – contains minimum 30% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 40/45 – contains minimum 40% phenols
  • Cresylic Creosote 65/70 – contains minimum 65% phenols

Other grades are available on request.